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tiffany blue nike free,Tiffany Blue Nike Free Runs Outlet,light blue nike free runs Later, as his friends died in Chengdu did not rely on, but also with the whole family eastward into exile. AD 770 years, even by poverty and disease, died in a boat on the Xiangjiang River.his death, to commemorate the great poet, to save his place in Chengdu lived together, this is the famous "Du Fu Thatched Cottage."164 paragraph five thousand years Hidemi afraid of rape.Guo Ziyi Rebellion in the pacification done a great, high prestige, he was afraid of Don Suzong suspicion he himself called for the lifting of military power, even the men's bodyguard also dismissed. Tang Su-tsung died after his son Li Chu (aka Li Yu) ascended the throne, is in Tang.

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Tiffany Blue Nike Free Runs Outlet Tibetan nobility opportunity to take advantage of the emptiness of the Tang Dynasty, the western border, and several other tribes Tuguhun gathered a total of more than 200,000 horses fought over, all the way did not encounter any resistance, has been hit Chang'an. Forced to flee in Tang Shan Zhou (Henan Shan County).in Tang Guo Ziyi out quickly, please resist the Tibetan soldiers attack. At that time, Guo Ziyi has no soldiers around it. He temporarily recruited a twenty cavalry arrived in Xianyang, Chang has fallen. Chang Guo Ziyi sent soldiers near the bluff, daytime drumming Yang Qi, night lit a fire; also sent into the city to find hundreds of teenagers drumming on the street, yelling, said Quek public (honorific title of Guo Ziyi) with the army come, thanks to a number of people are also numerous. Tubo generals listened to fear, snatching a few belongings, they fled Chang'an.

tiffany blue nike free Guo Ziyi and Li had a great service, returned to Chang'an in Tang after re-closure Guo Ziyi as deputy marshal. After a year, Tibetan, Uighur and the soldiers approaching Bin State (now Shaanxi Bin County, Bin sound bīn), sent his son Guo Ziyi Guo Xi (sound xī) troops to assist Bin State Jiedushi Baixiao De defense.Guo Xi relied on his father's position, grow up proud emotions. His subordinate soldiers lax discipline, and some soldiers bully people on the outside, did a bad thing, just do not know when Guo Xi.

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Bin state where some local hooligans, that there be a soldier in Guo Army neither constraints, there are a patron, you have to find the familiar soldiers, hang a name on Guo Xi barracks, soldiers wear clothing. That batch of rogue soldiers and collusion, in broad daylight on the streets in droves outlaw encounter people who dislike them, they attacked and beat, and even the people labeled as disabled. Street shops, they also often been looted.Jiedushi Baixiao De Bin states as it is a headache, but he is also Guo Ziyi old men, who did not dare to manage Kuo. Jing Bin next state is state (now Gansu Jing North Carolina). Jing governor segment Hidemi hear this case, specially sent messengers to Baixiao De request met.

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